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Following Jesus

Posted on July 14, 2019

Matthew 28:19-20

Pastor Mike Hodges

The first discipleship program.

How did he do it?

  1. He invited them to be a part of his life.
  2. He invited them to go where he went.
  3. He taught them what was important to God.
  4. He showed them how to live as a follower.
  5. He kept them accountable.

Intentionally – Done on purpose

Relational discipleship

  1. Invite people to be a part of your life.
  2. Invite people to go where you go.
  3. Use the opportunities to talk about Jesus.
  4. Talk about how to apply the teachings of Jesus.
  5. Keep people accountable.

 So, let’s do it as Jesus did--by training people.