Build The Church Project



As we seek to live out the vision God has given West Side to Be the Church, we must also have the facilities to disciple and support them when people come.  West Side has been involved in the Build the Church Project for several years.  We have been able to complete two phases of that project:  the renovation of the Worship Center and the renovation of the children’s wing along with other improvements to enhance the children’s ministry, like the installment of a synthetic turf lawn and new fencing for the playground.  These projects have been a blessing as we continue to grow, especially in the area of young families with children.

We are now taking on “The Next Step” of the Build the Church Project:  to enlarge the lobby/front entrance area.  This project will give the church an indoor place to gather and share with family and guests—before, after, and between services.  Romack Builders is our contractor for the project and the plan is for the expansion to be finished sometime in the early fall.

We thank God and everyone who made a commitment to give over this past year to make this project happen.  Another yearly Building Fund Commitment Campaign will take place on October 29, 2017 to continue to fund the Build the Church Project as we look to have the facilities to reach more people for God’s kingdom.  The next phase of the project will be to enlarge the nursery and toddler’s classrooms as well as enlarge the bathrooms in Bldg. A. Please continue to pray for this project and your commitment to it.

Here are the renderings presented by:
Cawley Architects